Hello all,

I am looking for an tool that allows people to map their informal networks both internally in our organisation and externally. In particular I would like to focus on
• who they go to for information or resources to do their work.
• help them think about and process complex or difficult problems posed by their work.
• provide them with developmental advice or personal support helpful in their day-to-day working life.

This is for our top 60 managers across the organisation. I wondered if anyone had used anything similar and could recommend a tool. Happy topay for something (within reason).


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Hi Ann,

There's a good list of tools here: http://wiki.km4dev.org/wiki/index.php/Social_Network_Analysis#Tools...

With most of the network analyis tools you need to provide the connection data in a particular format. I've not yet come across a tool that creates the files in a nice user-friendly way. But once you've got the data files, then the tools provide very powerful map-drawing capabilities.


Check this out - it looks interesting. http://www.pindax.com/
Hi Mark and Josh,

Thanks both for your suggestions. I will definately have a look and both. Gives me somewhere to start from.

HI Ann,
We have carried out a number of Social Network Analysis projects at the Knowledge And Innovation Network (KIN) and have used UCI Net as a great way to show visually the connections between individuals / organisations. You can use pretty much any surveying tool to gather the data as long as you can save the outputs in Excel, then you can map this across to UCI Net. The toughest part is to write the survey questions so that they are not too complicated or arduous to complete and my advice would be to stick to about five questions if at all possible (plus personal data about name, job role etc)- this will give you heaps of information to analyze! the biggest cost is in terms of time to set up and working with someone who knows what they're doing in the analysis stage plus purchase of UCI Net, but you can trial it for free for 60 days if you get your timing right http://www.analytictech.com/downloaduc6.htm ). Happy to help with analysis if you don't have anyone who can do it for you... :o) erica.hurley@wbs.ac.uk

Thanks for this. I've nowbeen given some time. We will not be rolling this out until May-ish. I've had a look at the tools you recommended. I may well be in touch closer to the time to get some guidance on the analysis.

Thanks for taking the time to reply



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