Hi, I am currently looking for innovative online learning programs to be deployed via technology. Planning to use it as an 'external provocation' that will drive change in the way the learning is currently delivered. Are you aware of any non standard, innovative tools that could be potentially considered?


Thank you in advance for your thoughs/commets.



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Hi Marcin,

We have a product called tessello which you should definitely have a look at. It is a continuous social learning platform which uses the tin can API and social mechanisms throughout the system to bring about cultural change and connect groups of people around learning. This sounds to me like it would be the type of thing which fits in with what you are looking at.

There is a fair amount of information on our website www.tessello.co.uk, or just give me a call on 01273 829238 if you would like to know more.



Curatr from HT2 offers a totally unique and innovative technology platform that you can deploy using existing internal assets as well as the resources at hand on the web.

If you are looking for innovative content rather than a platform then I can recommend the SkillPill library of management videos. 

Both offer quite low levels of investment to get started.

Hi Marcin,

I'm not sure if you are looking for 'learning programme' which would mean content libraries to me (or courses) or if you are talking about 'tools' (which I would take to mean software).

Can you please elaborate of whether you are looking for courses-content or tools-platforms?



Hi Marcin, 

About a decade ago when I used to work for Orange Global (now France Telecom and EE) I took part in a number of research projects with Mars in the UK on collaborative working and communities - Mars were doing some great work in this space and I wonder with the collaborative nature of the organisation it would be worth looking at how communities could drive the curation, wider adoption and creation of learning?  At WillowDNA we work with a number of organisations where we have hooked up communities with our platform Pathway LMS so that the communities become custodians and facilitators of both formal and informal learning.  The way this typically takes shape is communities are active in key knowledge domains and with our learning design support, they are able to contribute to and promote online learning academies in key areas.  This ensures you don;t reinvent the wheel, by capitalising on the good work you are already doing but help it evolve by creating a more effective learning ecosystem.

Hello Marcin   You write 'I am currently looking for innovative online learning programs to be deployed via technology'. We offer blended learning, and  believe that 'just online' is not adequate.  Our work is the 'Leadership of Thought' - the tough thinking skills, researched in business for business, needed for the challenges facing us all today.  Our blended learning approach offers online and live interaction with the generic skills of thinking for decision, planning, negotiation, selling, innovation and more: all the fundamentals that meet the challenges of the strategic development of business. 

I hope this is relevant to your question

Sue from Centre for Effective Intelligence www.effectiveintelligence.com



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