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I would love to get your opinion and experience on one of the strategies I try to apply. I am working on a Services Training for my company which will consist of a combinaiton of virtual and elearning modules. The ideas is that the participant will try there new skills on a business unrelated scenario in order to understand the new service model better.


I have heard about a company that used a Formular 1 scenario and I like the idea however, I am not sure how that will relate to women or men that are not interested in the sports. Any experiences with scenarios used that take the new skills and knowledge to a business unrelated topic? how can wikis and forums be supportive?


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Hi Wencke

I'm not sure that business unrelated things are always the best - people need to see how things will work in their service or area. However it does depend on the skills that you are trying to develop in your people - you didn't give too much detail about that so it's more difficult to see what kind of scenario might be useful.

If you want to discuss more, contact me directly on

We used a 'cooking event' to promote communication and team building to great effect a couple of years back.

From memory it was run in Hotel kitchen...sorry, can't remember which one.

Hi Wencke,

When I have trained people in the past, I have always used analogies to relate the learning to something that they already know or are familiar with. I have also used this to create scenario-based learning. This is where "know your audience" can pay off. If you know your audience, then you can create a scenario that your trainees can relate to.

I do agree with Linda in that it would be helpful to know what training you are providing. Creating scenarios on a unrelated business scenario can work for certain types of content, but may not be suitable for others.


Hello Wencke

You may want to tap into the Training Shop website as they have lots of ideas using tools that can be used that are not business related e.g. dinosaurs. Also there was a company at the Learning and Skills show in January at Earls Court who ran events using chocolate. I've also met a company I believe they are called Gourmet Food, I may be wrong who run team events using food. You may also find information on the businessballs site

I do agree with Linda Walker's comments

I hope this helps.

Gloria Morgan
Hi - have you considered going back to your learners and involving them in developing images of where they see their careers or their futures or even their organisation. When using diagrams/pictures with a group of learners to illustrate their organisational cultures one learner produced a picture of the titanic half sunk with everyone running around re-arranging the deck chairs. The company subsequently went into liquidation.

Alternatively, learners might find it useful and amusing to produce metaphors - particularly useful if you are working with management styles.

The images and metaphors may all produce ideas for scenario building.
Actually that may just be really useful in helping you build a learning map!
Hello Adrian,

I'll agree with Linda that it will be useful to know which skills we are trying to develop/enchase with the new learning solution.
Here are some ideas and perhaps they may be what you are looking for.
We implemented business simulations and scenario simulations mainly for business & project management skills.
Feedback was extremely positive. We worked with BTS (

At the L&T conference Robin Teigland-Associate Professor, Stockholm School of Economics showed us a teambuilding simulation in second life for virtual teams and it looked very interesting.
Maybe you want to check out her presentation; it's published under recordings of January's conference presentations. Title: Real learning in virtual worlds.

Hi Wrencke, specialise in creating parallel worlds to really embed training.

Take a look and contact me if you think we can be of help.

Brian Mitchell



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