I've been asked if it is possible to create a CD/DVD which contains various learning material including interactive questioning.

The question is can interactive information (questions/quiz for example) on a CD/DVD, be tracked/saved onto that CD when completed. As far as I know it can’t be but I need to ask and confirm, as we all know technology is always developing.

Any ideas gratefully welcomed,

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I wonder if it is not possible to create a database within the CD/DVD (well beyond my capability), but the problem I would see is that the CD/DVD would have to be played on a PC and be re-writable, with the device playing being able to write the data onto the disc.

I think you can make the cd/dvd interactive (i.e. click on the correct answer etc, and have a code that is displayed associated with the score, and ask participants to record this code and submit it either by phone text or email.


Thanks for the feedback Tim.

I do something very similar to this for E&D, H&S etc. Where the last screen notes a code to be recorded and entered online and a certificate is generated to prove the learner has completed the module.

The company want something more unique however. I'm writing up my proposal at the moment, which includes what you have suggested, the use of a USB stick with saveable material which can be re saved and finally the integration of a LMS linking captivate material with SCORM to record the info.

I personally would prefer to go with the later as material online is so much easier to track but it will be at a cost.

Thanks again, it's lovely to have people to throw ideas around with.

Hi Catherine
I will be doing a workshop on Adobe Captivate 5 in April. This new version allows you to add a quiz / survey feature to the
learning resource that can then send the data to: a) the Flash Communication Server b) your http://acrobat.com account or c) your email account
Another option may be to add a link to a Google email form. You can now embed the survey in the body of the email and have the results sent to your Google docs. It's easy. Please do contact me on abasiel@gmail.com if I can be of any help.
Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel
07771 99 87 99
Hi, everyone

If e-mailing/printing is what you're after, Catherine, Articulate Quizmaker can do that quite easily. If you need to record the participant's name on the certificate, I have seen suggestions on the Articulate fora about starting with a short-answer type question where you ask them what their name is and then the certificate will reflect that info.

An easier way of doing it that I'm aware of (but from an application which is not as exciting imho) is to use Captivate (though I've only played with CS4 and and quite curious about CS5) which allows you to give id's to your input text boxes and reuse whatever your users have written in later on.

Hope this helps,
Dragos :)
If there is space and the user has a writer it should be able to add files, however why not provide it on a memory stick and have files saved into a location on that, this would provide some form of audit trail with the dates that files were created.

Alternatively work on an open area and completed activities then just save.

Slightly more cost but not a great deal and the memory stick can be used on most PC's without additional software etc.
Hi Anthony,

Many thanks for the information. I have used the certificate widget in captivate 4 previoulsy to capture the learners name and date of completion. The style of the certificate is very dated however, is there something more up to date available and at the same time records the time the task took to complete?

CP 5 sounds very interesting, is your workshop online?

I'm still waiting on a decision for the way forward regards the CD/USB as there is a possibility that we may use a LMS.

Hi Dragos,

I use Captivate 4, Raptivity and often flash (although I wouldn't say I was a pro). As I mentioned above I have used the certificate widget in captivate 4 previoulsy to capture the learners name and date of completion.

I looked into the Articulate package and by the looks of it the packages I have cover the same output.

thanks for your input, greatly appreciated,
Hi Peter,

I am of the same opinion ref the USB stick, I added it to my plan and am awaiting feedback. The only problem is that we need to record the time taken to complete tasks. However I have suggested we work out a realistic time and associate this to the actual task when recording that the task has been completed.

Many thanks

Many thanks
See we are thinking simple here, if time is allocated and as long as you are happy that the work is the students then if they already have the knowledge they can just answer questions and save tiem of unwanted training.

The one thing to watcvh out for is that your organisation doesn't disable the USB points which a number are doing due to security breaches.

Another option is to ask the student to record the time and then provide a measure as to what was designed.

If it helps I went to the learning technologies thing at Olympia and was pretty under impressed just seemed to be a lot of the same which didn't really do too much but cost a lot. My partner also went and was of the same opinion.

The time taken to create your captivate material and teh benefits are pretty small compared to a straight forward power point or written material for many learners.

Hi Peter,

Yes, I like to keep things simple where possible.

I think that non interactive static material (books etc.) should work alongside technical interactive material. One shouldn't necessarily replace the other but there is room for progress in all learning method delivery.

No matter what we do we need to remember what it's for, who the end user is and why we are doing it.

As regards Captivate material taking a time, the basis of all material is a plan and research, once that's sorted the actual putting together, takes no time.

Many thanks for your input,



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