I wondered if anyone can help me. I’ve been looking into the use of social networks for internal business organisation and communications. I 1st came across the concept a number of years ago when i saw a presentation by BT about their ‘Dare2Share’ system, something I have since not been able to track down anything further.


I’ve also been looking at Yammer, JIVE and Chatter, which seem to be the market leaders of this style of system. I work in advice and guidance for eLearning to the University, Learning and Skills sectors, and my gut instinct tells me that there is a lot these sectors can learn about from the private sector use of these systems.


Can anyone point me towards case studies or examples, reports etc? Or do you use these systems in your own business and would be ok to contact me?


Cheers John

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Hi John,


Take a look at Wisetail (http://www.wisetail.com/) and Fusion Universal's Social Learning product (http://www.fusion-universal.com/products_services/fusion-social-lea...). Both are in the Dare2Share mould, and both very good.


I know Fusion Universal well if you need a contact there.




Thanks Mark - i'd like to follow up this

Hi John

If I were you, I would head over to Jane Hart's Social Learning Community ( http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/blog/2011/03/08/the-social-learning-community/ ) Or just email jane.hart@c4lpt.co.uk and she'll send you an invite. The site itself is on yammer and I know there are plenty of people on their using these kind of tools in HE and just about every other sector.


I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there and more



Thanks Sam - i'll sign up - i wanted a go at yammer :-)

John, in our business we have had great success with www.socialcast.com which is easy to set up and intuitive to use.


Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.




Thanks Roger - i'll be intouch soon, i visited the link you posted, very interesting

Hi John, I manage BT's dare2share system and we use a number of technologies to support this type of social interaction so happy to have a chat.


Thanks for replying, Iain - when would be good to talk? - john

Hi John think you need to accept my friend request so I can get your contcat details or drop me a mail @ iain.napier@bt.com and we can set up a call/meet.



We looked at Yammer a while back, and whilst free you have no 'admin' rights unless you start paying which is $5 per user, per month, which starts to rack up.

I have recently configured a Social Learning Community for my org, which we built using Elgg, the open source social engine. This is set up on an internet hosting server for around £150 a year.


I also looked at some others which stood out for me: JomSocial, which is a social engine plugin for Joomla, again open source but you do need to purchase the files for the social engine at around $99/£65. You also need to have an installation of Joomla installed on your server, again open source and free.


The other one was Social Engine, again this has a cost of $299/£193


If I had to build another one, I think I would look at Jomsocial as it seems to be a lot easier to configure.





Thanks for this Lee, a really useful response. I see that you are relatively local, did you attned the JISC RSC SW Turbo Tel events in Bristol last July? - cheers john

John, indeed I did, very informative day. Small world! I hope to attend next years also if they run it, so if you're going see you there!





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