I wondered if anyone can help me. I’ve been looking into the use of social networks for internal business organisation and communications. I 1st came across the concept a number of years ago when i saw a presentation by BT about their ‘Dare2Share’ system, something I have since not been able to track down anything further.


I’ve also been looking at Yammer, JIVE and Chatter, which seem to be the market leaders of this style of system. I work in advice and guidance for eLearning to the University, Learning and Skills sectors, and my gut instinct tells me that there is a lot these sectors can learn about from the private sector use of these systems.


Can anyone point me towards case studies or examples, reports etc? Or do you use these systems in your own business and would be ok to contact me?


Cheers John

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Hi John - if you're close to Bristol you might like to come along to the next WEE Learning social (we had the first one last night at the Bristol Ram on Park Street). It was a great mix of corporate and education people interested in using technology for learning.

It's very informal, a couple of short talks to kick things off then drinks and chat. We haven't booked the next one yet, but if you're interested follow us on Twitter and you'll hear all about it,  https://twitter.com/#!/weelearning 



Thanks David - i'll be n touch later this week - thanks John

Hi John - we just started using Socialcast and it seems to have gone viral. Easy to use.

I've used Bloomfire before - I think it's a bit closer to the idea of BT Dare2share as it's focussed on creating/posting videos (it has inbuilt screencapture/video) but also easy to use Q&A functions and can be a learning community. Until recently they had a free version but it's just gone to pay now. Let me know If you want to see it.

The main platform we use is Sharepoint. I'm trying to use this in a bit more of a social way but it's not as easy to use as something like Socialcast. 



Can anyone point me to any white papers or similar on this subject? My company is looking at this, after we set up a Yammer experiment. They would want it to be free or very cheap and they would want to have some control over the administration of it. I just wonder if any organisations have produced any reports on their own experience with this?

Hi Chris,

Look for Yammer's video case studies with Deloitte.

This one in particular is excellent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn4Bz8Bm4Fw


Many thanks Mark.



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