Influential e-learning guru Craig Weiss is visiting the UK this autumn. His views are always provocative but is he right that adoption rates of the most innovative developments in learning technologies in Britain are behind other parts of the world? Do we have a "holding steady" mentality?

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In fact, one of my partner in UK, who is an eLearning company has commented recently over a call that they get 'innovative' projects more from outside UK and not within.

but this is unfortunate that most tech savvy people of the world are being called as 'holding steady' mentality.  

I believe that UK companies are definitely open to innovative and engaging learning solutions, which incorporate a range of technologies. Just look at the winners of the 2013 LPI Awards, it shows that UK firms are very innovative and healthy.

Last week's e-learning Awards added an interesting dimension to this discussion. The "traditional" eLearning companies won practically nothing. Instead it was new or little known names that excelled, highlighting that there are some truly innovative companies out there. Most particularly, Unit9  working with the Resuscitation council, scooped up an amazing 5 awards, including 4 golds, for their Lifesaver App, blending high production value video, interaction and innovative use of mobile features like the accelerometer in the phone to help simulate doing compressions to resuscitate people. Does this support Craig's view or contradict it. We'll see what he has to say when he hits London at the end of the month.

Below is the link to the App mentioned, it shows a brilliant use of video, engagement with the characters and integrated use of the device! Well deserved winner.




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