Is mobile learning really any different from learning you do when you're not moving around?

There's been a lot of talk about m-learning (mobile that is) for five years or more. Not much action, but plenty of talk. But with smart phones now so sophisticated that they can do just about anything you can do on your desktop, is it really necessary to treat mobile learning as a separate category? My question is, is there anything really special and different about learning you do on the move?

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Part of me wants to say I agree with you, however there is a nagging suspicion in that the difference is in the style or type of learning that you are likely to or want to access when on the move. For example if I was a telephone engineer and I am up a pole looking at some old kit on a post, maybe I would want to search for some reference information on the the kit and a possible way of fixing it (probably a bit far fetched but hopefully you get the idea). Alternatively if I am going to see a client and want to swot-up on a particular product/service whilst sitting at the airport, because this is part of my CPD I could want this tracked as well, even though I might simply dip in and out, kind of thing you may do when mobile, as opposed to sitting down to a course on a PC in the office.
The difficulty I have is in thinking of other examples to help me work out when I can suggest it gets used, not really hung up about the label, just makes it easier to describe when explaining to those that don't get-it.



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