Is poor compliance training giving e-learning a bad name?

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hi Laura, having completed the survey its really given me food for thought.  Looking forward to the survey results.

Mandatory training so often becomes 'a tick in the box' and often results in a quick and dirty solution. I'm interested in seeing how the training has actually demonstrated improvement to service. Example:  If we looked at number of staff off sick with back injuries before manual handling training/e-learning was mandatory for all staff, would we see an improvement in numbers since introducing it....? I'm not sure there would be a significant improvement with some of the e-learning we have been exposed to! I suppose the next stage of this would be to pilot some fantastic e-learning package and mark out the difference... (anyone want to loan us said fantastic e-learning in spirit of research??!)

'Compliance' is just such a turn off from the start - Clive Shepherd sums it up so well in his recent blog 

I was involved in designing and delivering banking regulatory compliance training for the last six years. Yes it can be dull if you focus on replaying the policies and procedures that act as internal controls explaining to regulators how you are complying with rules and regulations. However anti-bribery, anti money laundering, tax etc seem like dry legislative areas and yet by drilling down to the kinds of situations and behaviours that you do not want in your organisation you unpack their codification into policies and procedures.

These areas are hugely ethical and perfect for case studies, dilemma scenarios. Asking end users of training materials how they would prevent a potential incident evokes the same difficulties that compliance/ risk professionals face everyday. Looking for positives, how to inculcate the right behaviours moves people to evaluate corporate culture, infrastructure, resource allocation, rewards and incentives and organisational design. This is as far away from tick box as you can get.



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