Is there such a thing as... an industry recognised certification in Instructional design?...

...or a course that anyone can recommend?  I've been asked to look into what's out there.  Specifically regarding pulling meaningful and effective e-learning together.

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Hi Joel

There's the TAP Diploma in elearning


There's also this interesting article from Learning Solutions Magazine:


Hope they help.



Hi Joel

The LPI (Learning & Performance Institute) has accredited the course offered by The Learning Coach as a course that contributes towards membership.

The course details are here:-

Good luck


Hi Joel,

The CIPD have a wide range of courses which could also fit your requirements.  Just search their website for the keywords you're interested in.


Thanks for the plug Jonathan. To be specific the Certificate in Blended Learning might be what you're looking for


Any questions about the detail give me a shout.



Hi Joel

It would partly depend on your take on ID.  The University of Ulster previously ran a course which include ID alongside other eLearning topics.  However, I believe my cohort was one of the last and is not being run this September.

There are many postgraduate programmes available in the US which focus on ID but obviously they can be expensive.

There is a big need for ID basics for new users of the rapid development tools such as Articulate Studio, Storyline and Adobe Captivate. I run courses on these tools and include an optional one day on basic ID approaches which most non IDs find really useful. I use Absorb, Do, Connect (ADC) based on William Horton's book 'E-Learning by Design' and also Action Mapping (from Cathy Moore). Of course it takes years of experience to really get ID but every little helps.

Rob Hubbard from ELN also had a course called Ministry of ID but I'm not sure that is still running:

It's definitely worth joining the e-Learning Network (UK). The session on 5th April in London is specifically about ID.



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