In order to assess where we are I would like to conduct a quick survey to see what works and what doesn't and what people really want.  I'm going to use a sharepoint survey which gives easy access and quick results.  I've looked at some surveys which are available, but they seem to be so out of touch.  Has anyone done such a survey, I would be interested to hear about it and not reinvent yet another wheel!

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Hello Claire,
I use Survey Monkey. It works well and is reasonably intuitive. Here is the link:

Have fun
Martin Fettes-Neame
Sorry Claire I'm not aware of any surveys on the impact of training most seem to be more around IT skills.

If you do come across anything I'll presume you'll let everyone know.

I might regret this, but as eLearning Manager for City of Bristol College don't see that I have much choice, if there'sanything we can do to help with your research please let us know.

Lee Bryant
Hi Claire,
I've been doing some work recently on the whole are of learning transfer and measuring training impact. You'll find plenty of information on the web; in particular have a look at the work done by Brinkerhoff, Mooney and others at BTW I have no affiliation to this company other than an interest in what they do.

From your question you have 2 related but different questions:

1. see what works and what doesn't
the best approach (and one advocated by the group mentioned above) is to conduct an online survey and follow up with telephone interviews to flesh out the online responses of some respondents. From this you can derive quantative data from the online survey and qualitative data ('stories') from the telephone interviews.

It's hard to say what should be i the survey without seeing the content of the training; very simply you shoudl ask for each module/section of the training courses(s) under review, to what degree the learnings have been implemented on the job. Other quesitons in the survey would then relate to finding out why learnings have or have not been implemented.

2. see what people really want
this is a different matter where you - IMHO - should start by aligning high level traing needs to the strategic direction of your organisation.

Hope this helps!

PS I use both surveymonkey and sharepoint. I prefer surveymonkey as it offers better functionality and reporting features; better at least than the implementation of sharepoint I use can offer.



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