Good day everyone, I work in a health and social care organisation which employs about 800 people working in different locations in London. We are currently upgrading to Windows 10 and Office 365 and much later building a sharedpoint based platform. Most of our staff have weak IT skills and I need to come up with an implementation plan to training all 800 people in a base level of IT skills in a duration of between 6 to 12 months. 

Please does anyone have any experience of this kind of project or advice on the best way to implement this kind of project. I am looking for support around:

  1. project planning
  2. best learning deliver option to use
  3. cost effective resources that can be used for this kind of project.

I will really appreciate any advice.


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Hi Bola

Are your staff already using  a previous version of Windows and Office ?

Also does your organisation have access to the IT Skills Pathway?

Best Regards


Hi Bola

Manuel asks a good question and suggests a great resource. Hopefully I can keep up the standard.

When you say 'weak' IT skills just how weak are you talking? We've done some work with some social housing services, local gov and retail orgs and some of their staff are not even close to Office so some really basic stuff like and for the absolute base IT skills (often delivered by local 'champions' (I prefer the term buddies) who are a bit more skilled. Happy to talk more if you want.

Then for the actual Office skills while I haven't used them directly I like the approach of the gang.

Thanks Kevin,

People's skills differ from finding it difficult to open a package to not being able to create hyperlinks or attach documents in an email. I will look at some of these reosurces you have suggested. Again thank you very much.


If these staff are using Office currently they may still feel apprehensive / not confident about new software arriving on their desktop.

If this is the case I would recommend: 

1-an updated quick reference guide for each of the key applications;

2-a set of exercises for them to perform covering the use of windows 10;

3-a communication / marketing campaign geared to identify those who are most fearful of their skills (or lack of) and the above package (1 & 2 ) to be introduced at team meetings via their managers but with you and your team as support / subject matter experts.

I'm hoping that when you put all of this together we are beginning to have the project plan you are after?

I hope this helps.

Best Regards


Thank you very much Manuel. I like the strategy you've suggested.



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