June 26th: Ten steps to building a great learning environment online, Nigel Paine

We spend huge amounts of time on content development, marketing and assessment but not a huge amount on the quality of the learning environment we are putting our learners into. In fact sometimes we have nothing much that smacks of a learning environment beyond 'log in' and 'click on your module'. And we then wonder why completion rates are so poor and any kind of 'e' near learning is unpopular and unwelcome.

This session starts with the premise that online can be as exciting, demanding and fun as any other kind of learning. But it takes an effort on your part and you need to put some sparkle into the what, how and when of online. So come and debate and share your own tips that will embellish my ten.

• Make the online environment exciting
• Make it friendly, welcoming and coherent
• Make it a place to meet
• Make it a lasting experience driven by human beings not software
• Make it a two way experience not a one-way bore 


Click for a recording of the webinar.

See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat.

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