Launching e-learning in an organisation with limited computer access

Hi all


This may sound like a strange situation, but I am going to be launching our new e-learning system in our organisation shortly. A lot of people, in fact most are not computer users (at work) and either don't need to use one as part of their work or there is no PC in their work location.


We will be encouraging people to access the solution from home, using someone else's PC at work or find another solution.


Whilst recognising that this could be quite a challenge, I suspect there are some people who have trod this path before and have implemented in situations with similar access challenges.

Can anyone share any insights, ideas, tips or pitfalls that could help, particularly in convincing the sceptics?



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Hi all

Many thanks for the ideas and suggestions. Some good ideas here that have got me thinking. I will follow through some of these as we develop our approach and will definitely use some of the suggestions as I try and gain buy in and support.

I'll aim to post again, after the event to share progress.

Once again, many thanks, much appreciated.

Hi, Richard

Was wondering if investing in a personal response system would be an option for you. I know this will mean you'll have to gather people in one place for 30 min - 1 hour, and give them info and test them as the session progresses to see how much they are taking in. It does not have the time/availability advantages of working on a computer whenever you feel like it, but at the University of Leeds I've just heard that, by integrating this technology in face-to-face training, one lecturer almost tripled the amount of students that got a first at the end of a module.

We may think that the advantages the computer poses outweigh any other option, but I am thinking that, if people are already a bit reluctant to use computers, learning while also having fun by means of personal response systems (there are a few around: eInstruction, TurningPoint, Qwizdom) may be a lot more effective...



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