I'd be grateful if anybody could let me know of any average salary ranges for internal L&D consultatnts.  Thank you in advance!

Role responsibilities include running: talent development programme, coaching for staff level and first line management, exam support and core (traditional style) delivery, e-learning / alternative learning solutions, project support (where there's a training impact), competence / governance oversight and ensuring process experts maintain competence.

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Hi Fleur,


As I'm sure you'll know, salaries are anything if 'average.'  Here are a few resources you my find useful.  I'm sure the LSG Members can add a whole bunch more to help you.


Start by taking a look at:  http://www.payscale.com/research/UK/Job=Consultant,_Learning_and_De...


There's also:  http://www.blueeskimo.com/news/2010/results-published-for-2010-sala...


You can also check out sites such as:  http://www.jobserve.com/


Hope this points you in the right direction!


Best wishes.




Thanks so much Jonathan... I'll take a look.

Average I'm ok with....low I'm not so!!

Super useful resources!  Thanks Jonathan.

Thanks all...my problem has now been resolved and this data really supported my argument.


Glad you got it all sorted Fleur!

Here's one to aspire to.... Training Academy Director, BBC (your money and mine)  ;)




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