Following a stream of requests - here is an online version of the learning 2.0 video I showed at the Learning Technologies conference at the end of January. Its originally based on the slides created by Daniel Siddle content but with some additions and then rendered via Animoto. I showed the better quality MPEG4 version at the conference - email me if you want a link to it.

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Thanks David, that does resonate loudly (to quote from a former LT speaker) from an organisational perspective. These 'Meet x' presentation formats are a great way to get the message across with impact.
Thanks for this David, I agree with Katherine it is a great short for getting the message across.
We've also created some specific versions of this presentation to land it better with specific organisations. Amazing what difference it makes including a couple of company-specific images or references so it feels like its specific for them.

Happy to discuss if anyone is interested.
Hi David I took you advice about this (we discussed it briefly at LT2009) and I adjusted the Slideshare version for the NHS. It has worked really well for me and we have refined it now for each of our main stakeholders. I've also found the other "meet Charlie" etc series useful. With Animoto though, did you take jpegs of each slide and then load in, as I can't see how you load a PPT into it? Thanks in advance, Julie.
Exactly. As you can see we also extended and customised the back end to make it more powerful. The slides were then exported as JPGs and then loaded individually into animoto. This take a while the first time, its easy to tweak after that.

For anyone thats interested, here is the high res version.



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