This is a session at the LSG Conference. Hope that you can come along.

It is all a bit tricky really. It is such a great time to try out new ideas/models/technologies. Surviving often requires this. But there is huge pressure to avoid risks, keep your head down, and muddle through until things improve.

Many people working in learning and development also seem to have lost their voice. No one asks their views, invitations to the top table dry up etc.

So this session will address the issue of managing learning in tough times. We'll discuss different approaches, and share what seems to work, and generally pool the expertise in the room.

I have outlined some issues: budgets hacked to bits, lack of scope to innovate, being heard by the top table But you might have loads more.

Please contribute to the discussion by adding issues that you want dealt with, and letting me know if you agree or disagree with the picture I am painting. Look forward to seeing you in June.

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