Trent Rosen asks: "Does anyone know of or has used learning applications for smartphones (android and/or iphone)? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks"

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You might like to have a look at the simple Advent Calendar we produced on our Moodle for December 2011. If you go here - and login as a guest, you'll see the calendar. Click on any of the dates to see the apps and other e-learning tips we offered for each day.

Hi Amanda,


Thank you very much for the helpful link.

Love this calendar idea Amanda!

This is a shameless plug but seeing as you asked about Mobile Learning and this is an open forum with full disclosure.. (I work for SAP)... we have just released a mobile learning app which you can see here: the idea is that this would sit on top of an SAP LMS deployment.

also SuccessFactors (an SAP company) have a Mobile Learning app which plugs into the Plateau LMS

We have found that a lot of our clients have basically been waiting for a tablet app for mobile learning as the small screens available on smart phone can only be used in specific use cases (short and sharp)...






Hi Jonquil,


I have produced an app for Android (for a new venture in a different space) using App Inventor from MIT( ). 


This is a very simple environment to develop a try out/demo app with a short learning curve and so a great way of trying something out if you already have a specific new concept. 


It has the advantage that you can rapidly prototype something before deciding to invest in for example a professional company writing a full app for multiple smartphones.


Like Chris, one of thie things I rapidly discovered through this process was that actually what you can fit on a smartphone screen in terms of graphics, interaction and feedback requests was far less than I had expected!


The App Inventor site above has lots of information (although sometimes located in somewhat obscure locations on it!) and there are a number of books out there too, but let me know if you are interested and have any questions.


All the best,




I responded to another thread about creating apps, I think the answer is probably helpful for you too, so I copied it here for you...

I will be presenting this year at Learning Live on this very subject and am hosting the Tools and Tech stage at mLearnCon in San Jose next month.  There are many tools on the market all purporting to output to either html5 or to one mobile device or other.  These all seem to be based on the concept that the user will want to do eLearning on their mobile device in the same way they do on their desktop.

Three years of research of mobile and almost 5 years of writing mobile applications in one way and another has told me this is probably not the case.The end user is looking for different information transfer from the mobile device rather than a continuation of eLearnng.  

The tablet seems to be changing this somewhat as users have a tablet available as a web tool and they are using eLearning but we must not confuse the tablet with the smartphone or a desktop.

In response to your question there are some considerations you must have when moving learning to the tablet.  There is no mouse, and therefore no rollover, the click is different with the finger, there is little drag and drop and it is sometimes difficult for many to click on small areas of the screen....

As for tools.  I have seen and looked at GoMO, I am a little disappointed that is it pretty basic and does not provide all the 'life' one would expect. Maybe future releases will improve this? I have been a beta tester with the just released StoryLine from the articulate house with a 'player' for the iPad. Articulate itself will have the same output as Storyline when they release version 12 shortly. I have played with the output from Lectora and am not too impressed, I have also coded directly in Xcode and it takes forever. Plus you need to become a geek and eat pop tarts in the middle of the night to stay awake if you have any other life to live.

If you are looking to create native apps, then start to look down the route of using Dreamweaver to create the html and then publishing it through PhoneGap, which is an open source compiler. It has just been taken over by Apache and will be known as Cordova.

Be clear on what you are trying to create and don't jump in head first because a tool looks cool, really get to understand what the end user will use in your environment. We made all those mistakes over and over again in the last 15 years with eLearning.

I am not yet convinced 'Mobile' is DIY yet like eLearning is, early adopters are still outsourcing the manufacture of apps or web apps. I think we will see the gradual move to DIY tools ver the next 5 years.  It's a bit of buyer beware at the moment.

Hope that helps


Trent, why not check-out and you'll see what we are currently conducting a testing and evaluation.  The testing period runs until June 15th; therefore, if you'd like to participate let me know.  We are only testing Androids and Apple devices.  Jacob

Hi Jonquil,

Before you jump into the whole 'mobile' world (or more likely, try to gain support) I would advise looking at what apps are already in circulation for free (or very low cost) and see if you can leverage them to support others within your organisation. This is a very fast, cheap, risk free way of testing the waters and being able to prove a return on further adoption/investment/support.

I have written a series of blog post on this 'getting your foot in the door' approach which explain my logic behind it as well as some apps that I think could be a good starting point - I hope you find it useful (read the posts from the bottom up)


Julie Wedgwood mentioned lots of free L&D apps at TrainingZone Live on Tuesday. I wasn't in her workshop so can't share any of the details but it may worth asking around on Twitter? #TZL12 was the tag being used on the day!

Thanks everyone for your useful suggestions and insight on this topic.

This might sound a bit odd, but we've been experimenting with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (and InDesign CS6) as a platform for developing learning resources for both Smartphone and tablet devices. It's showing a lot of promise and looks like it will be a very affordable app building platform - especially with the developments re Adobe Creative Cloud and Single Edition DPS apps.

Has anyone had any experience of using the ReadyGo web course builder software?



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