LAW happens on 14th May this year and although I'm not entirely in favour of a special day for learning (in the sense of being allowed to open the toy box once a year with my cynical hat on), it is an event that I like to get involved with and support. So this year we have a series of 1 hour face to face taster sessions running throughout the day on a variety of topics but I would like to do more with technology. An online area for folk to collaborate and share photos, learning logs, etc (will they?) and perhaps a podcast or two with key people to follow how they informally learn (do they?) but what else could I look at. Any great resources to share? Is anyone else planning anything with a Learning Technologies slant?

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Like Lars... I must have fallen asleep at my workdesk and missed everything ... but then I wonder if most of the UK did also. My view..., everyone is correct concerning learning everyday and that everyday is a learning experience. I am not involved in L&D, but I do painfully go through the yearly mockery of performance reviews ... where training needs are highlighted and never addressed (oh so cynical!).

I do not think one day is enough. I know LAW is an opportunity for L&D to bang harder and louder on their drum to the beat of self improvement ... perhaps my L&D department are heavy sleepers and missed banging their drum to our company, but does that mean I have to wait a whole year to have some pull to take me away from the pressures of work to improve my skills? Nonsense!! There should be more opportunities. Some of which I can informally steal with the odd query to colleages, the occassional stealing of time from work and other social activities to dip onto websites such as this and others I have to wait for top-down intervention to lift me out of my chair and start doing things.

LAW needs to be more enforced more, rather than LAWlessness.



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