Learning by Playing - Games & Gaming in the contect of complex workplaces.

We would be interested in contacting practitioners or knowledge 'magpies' with experience concerning the application of games/game theory, game packages or methods to be used in both instructional learning (regulatory environments, procedures etc.) AND also social learning (for example multiple stakeholder policy development / learning)


We (www.etf.europa.eu) will be working shortly towards a major event in NOV (Torino, Italy) on our core business (capacity development for evidence based policy learning in European Partner countries in education and training policy by the provision of learning platforms)


We would like to see some practical examples in this event and possibly have some key presenters on the principles and practice.


A second thread of our work is therefore naturally "Knowledge Management" (which must never be called by this name if you want to be successful - ssssh!)


So we would also be interested in games focussing on organisational learning too!


Look forward to hearding from you in droves.


Ian Cumming KM Senior Specialist ETF, Turing, Italy

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Hi Ian,

I read with interest that you're planning an event with practical evidence in Torino soon.


we are a serious games development company based in Milano and within the MIRROR project (www.mirror-project.eu) we have developed 2 twin serious games about complex dialogues with the objective to foster reflective learning (main topic of the project) for the social care sector in the UK and for a hospital in Germany.

Any interest in this?

best regards Lucia (lucia.pannese@i-maginary.it)

Thanks Lucia- v. interesting - will look at the website and be in touch


Hello Ian,


The demograhics of Generation Z is truly an opportunity for this level of learning.  Completed several virtual eLearning design utilising gaming technology (Anark) with effective results. 3D modeling can be expense unless source is available via i.e. digimation.  3D Studio used to create models not available via open source.



Dennis Miller

Thanks Dennis - can you provide a little more detail or perhaps some links ?



Does it need to be wholly technology based?  I remember someone telling me about Geocaching type games set up as part of an organisation induction, using travel bugs that need to pass from person to person and certain rules guiding how that is meant to happen - with the locations of the 'bug' logged on the geocaching website. Sounds like it might be fun and a good way for people to make connections with others in a complex organisation.  Sorry it's so vague, though, I can't remember where I heard of this happening...

Hi Ian.  I've just come across this blog from Alex Webb 'Gamification in e-learning' which you might find helpful:



In his blog he mentions Alicia Sanchez, games czar at the US defense Acquisition University, who presented at the LSG conference in June:



Regards.  Annie


Have you contacted companies like Caspian Learning http://www.thinkingworlds.com/?  I've seen them do some presentations not only on their game-based learning product but also on the principles of game design for learning.



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