What’s happening in the world of learning content management? We have hundreds of bespoke courses, all developed in Storyline. Many have been translated into fifteen languages. Clearly maintenance is a concern. What are my options? Do I continue with Storyline and live with the consequences? Do I start again using an authoring tool with good content management functionality? How easily can I re-engineer my Storyline courses? I’d love to hear from anyone with similar concerns and/or potential solutions.

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Hi Chris,

I guess you're aware of Storyline's existing capabilities around multi-lingual content: https://community.articulate.com/series/5/articles/translating-stor... - it probably won't solve all your maintenance problems though!

If you've got the money (and it is very expensive), have a look at Xyleme - which is fantastic at managing content in multiple languages. Disclosure: I worked for them a few years ago.

Other alternatives, with multiple language capabilities, include: Elucidat, Gomo, Composica

Look for ones that support XLIFF. This is a file format that is used by translation companies and software to map strings from one language to another.

I hope that helps.


Thanks Mark, I appreciate your suggestions. I was aware of Storyline's existing capabilities (we use these now to translate our courses), and I have had a conversation with Xyleme (excellent product). I will explore Elucidat, Gomo and Composica in more detail.





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