Hi Everyone

I've been asked to undertake a learning needs analysis exercise..... it has been quite a number of years since I did something like this and I suspect times have changed!

Does anyone have any advice or tips for me?  The LNA is around using Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office Suite.



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Hi Emma,

There is a lot of good reading around about LNA's at the moment so it's worth a look around. Often LNA are designed from the perspective of what either L&D or senior managers 'think' the organisation should know rather than from the perspective of what the current performance challenges are on the ground. In this situation I'd probably be more inclined to analyse and understand organisational outputs against expectations and find the gaps that L&D might be able to support....where indeed the gap relates to learning!

Thanks Marie

I am just doing a bit of research now, you're right there is a lot of information around on tis topic.

That sounds like a good approach, thank you.

Hi Emma

I think the basics probably haven't changed too much.  My approach is:

  • What business outcomes are required
  • What knowledge/skills/behaviour are needed to achieve the outcomes
  • What knowledge/skills/behaviour do people have know
  • Look at the gaps and find a range of learning solutions to fit

All underpinned by a pragmatic approach to cover the main things, and grouping the audience into useful segments to make it easier to manage - so in your case maybe Basic Users (use Office day to day but nothing fancy), Superusers (maybe set up templates, create macros, etc.), Administrators/Support (answer queries, help desk).  Solutions then need to be tailored to how/when people can access the learning.

Don't know how much of that is teaching grannies to suck eggs, but thought I'd share.  Good luck with it.



Thanks Chris all help/comments gratefully received :)

I have used these as my starting point in the past  



There are also lot of free resources out there for MS windows and applications e.g. Alison.com , lynda.com

Thanks Maria, I'll have a look :)

Hi Emma,

We use machine learning and AI at the outset as a training needs analysis. Learners take a diagnostic at the beginning of the course, and we then strip out any content they already know or isn't relevant to them.  This comprises self assessment and test questions, and we use historic user data to make granular recommendations.

It allows us to create individually personalised learning pathways through off the shelf content.  I would be more than happy to discuss in more depth if you think it could be useful?


Hi Jack

Thanks for that, it sounds like an interesting approach.

No problem at all :) you can see more here http://learn.filtered.com/approach



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