New technologies are changing (and changed) world's way of life.

How about learning paradigm? Still the same?

ILT, CBT and WBT: how many life time do they have in front of?

Is Mobile Learning ready to receive the baton or does actual learning paradigm need new instruments?

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Walter, if you've not seen it the below article from Elliott Masie might make you think about this in a slightly different way:

Make Learning Small, Medium and Large

I don't necessarily agree with it all and blogged briefly my thoughts on it here.

I don't think it is.

I think there's a fundamental probelm here. Putting the technology before the learning. For me; think 'learning' then 'technology'. If the focus is on how we can make everything 'mobile learning' the danger is the focus is the technology, rather than how do we best facilitate learning. I think there will always be a place for all forms of existing learning interventions and our learning strategies should look at the advantages and disadvantages of what to use and when. Yes. as we all know technology is being used in more creative ways in our home and working lives, often in positive ways, but it is not always the only, or more importantly, the best learning method. 

Final comment: You want me to do my 40 minute regulatory course on my smartphone? I don't think so!




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