Learning Technologies 2015 - Thoughts, Feedback and Suggestions

Hi folks,

Now that a month has passed (yes, really) since Learning Technologies 2015, here at Junction-18 we are currently taking stock and reflecting upon a really amazing event.  

As we already begin to plan and prepare our own participation for 2016, I would really value people's opinions and insights on the event.  

What did you like?  

What did you not like?  

Did you find all of the information required?  

What would you like to see more of?  

What would you like to see less of?  

Was there a seminar you particularly enjoyed?

Was was the highlight for you?

Feel free to weigh on any of the above and anything else you would like to share.  Many thanks!  

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Hi Nick

Just a general comment from me, what I would find useful is that returning exhibitors have some form of "what we've done in the last 12 months" type of document/booth installation for returning visitors.  The challenge is often identifying how exhibitors have progressed in the last year and what new solutions/ideas they have (if any). This might be documented on their own websites but it doesn't always come across very well in the exhibition space and would lead to more "I didn't know you did that" kind of moments that are often of value.

I appreciate it is often better to get this through a conversation but I tend to find time does not really allow for that.

Hope that is of some help!

Hi Ian,

That's very interesting actually.  We did have a screen with a showreel of some of our more recent projects but perhaps a more designated area to display our latest work would be more effective/useful.

Thanks for the input!  

This reply was meant for a different thread. 



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