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I am engaged in how we implement the technology in Blended Learning and e-Learning. We have our in-house built VLE and working with some very big clients for programmes delivery.

Can you please give me some practical information that Technology is implementing in different areas in Learning and Development fields and what are the different technologies you are using to accomplish in learning and development? (e.g. Blogging, social networking etc)

I am working on the report for our management to show what different technologies are using by different areas in the education and business.


Looking forward for  your comments.


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Hi Muhammad

I'm sure lots of people use some of the following- we have designed and implemented a number of management development programmes using a blend including:

Moodle - as the portal/delivery mechanism, and adding additional content and resources, pre work etc

Wordpress - blogging tool, and also for content

Social text - wiki and knowledge sharing

Audacity - podcasts

Flip Video Cameras and Apple Macs/VideoBoo - for quick, user generated video content.


Hope this gives you an idea


Many Thanks Ray for your comments. I am planning to use the Quizzes, Polls, Audio/Video Podcasts, Forum discussions, Blogging etc.



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