LMS Options Appraisl / E-Learning in the NHS - Experiences with Oracle Learning Management?

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the lengthy discussion title! Just wondering if there are any other NHS folks out there who have implemented the OLM system into their trusts yet? I've been asked to produce an LMS options appraisal paper to go to the board of our organisation which should show the merits of moving to use the national OLM system against continued use of our training admin system (not strictly an LMS but we do feed data into it from our in-house developed e-learning couses).

It seems a daunting task to try and map out all our requirments for an LMS and then to actually work out what the true functionality of any LMS system is. If anyone has been through a similar process and can offer any advice I'd be very grateful.


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Hi Alistair
Yes, I am just going through this process and am finalising a paper. We brought in a project manager who has worked with me on this. My number is 08452191124 if you wish to discuss.

We went live with OLM 2 months ago - however in its current disguise it only covers 'training events'. As a process - we're recording e-learning usage as a manual process - creating an event for the course each month - then manually recording any completed activity.

The plan is to bring in the NLMS when it's rolled out - we are starting to heavily promote the use of elearning in our Trust - but at present, the process for recording is a bit clunky!

If I can provide any more information - please let me know,


Hi Alistair,

I'm working with Guys & St. Thomas on their e-Learning strategy and how it fits in to ESR.
They implemented OLM 2 years ago and are currently evaluating the NLMS against their existing LMS and a number of other options including Moodle. I'm also putting together a paper for the board.

You might find some of the presentations from the recent NHS e-Learning conference in London interesting.

I'd be very happy to share some more details and how we are approaching this in the wider context of performance management.

Feel free to email/call.


Hi everyone,

Apologies for not responding to you until now, thanks to you all for your replies.

I have to complete my paper by the end of this week so hope that I can speak to you at some point over the next few days. Sounds like you have some valuable experiences I could tap into if you don't mind.

In order to evaluate the systems I'm having to work on the basis of us being able to provide mandatory training and appraisal compliance reports for the NHSLA and HCC. Just to give you a bit of background info. the system we currently have in place allows us to do this quite easily, including publishing the reports to an online reporting portal (or 'reportal' as I call it - I had to shorten it as it seems to dominate most of my conversations these days). This reportal gives a breakdown of compliance rates across the trust broken down into three levels of organisation (we call them business units, departments and divisions). There's also a section which identifies the user from their login name and shows if any of the staff they manage are currently non-compliant with any of their mandatory training requirements. The whole idea behind this system was to allow managers easy access to information.

This morning I've seen a dummy export from OLM which gives similar information in a spreadhseet but it only shows individual compliance with competencies rather than % rates. I'm particularly interested to find out iof any of you have achieved similar reports with OLM.

I'll try and get in touch this week to discuss further,

Hi Alistair,

It sounds like what you are looking for in ESR terms is OBIEE - the Oracle business intelligence tool.
This 'intelligently' interrogates ESR and will provide a dashboard view of compliance.

The NHS has an enterprise agreement for this with Oracle.

Give me a shout and I can tell you more.



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