We are currently looking to expand our online service to include a more personalised learning service. Our eLearning is currently hosted on our Drupal website, our tracking is via Google Analytics.

We are looking for an independent consultant to offer us advice on if its possible to use Drupal plug ins to achieve the level of service we require, or if we need to use something like Moodle or another VLE to achieve our objectives. 

Do you happen to know anyone who could offer us this service? Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

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Hi Amanda,

Forgive me for putting myself forward for this... ;-)

Wyver Solutions is an independent consultancy which does exactly what you're looking for.

There are other very good people out there as well though!

It would be useful for me, and anyone else looking at this, to get a little background:

  1. In your context, what is the current system good at?
  2. What do you need to do that you can't currently do?
  3. What is driving the change?

Many thanks,


Thanks Mark for getting in touch.

I'll be visiting your website and giving you a call! in answer to your questions:

1. the current system is good at storing content. users who access the site see content that is profile driven.

2. We would like the content to be more personalised, with e-learning/test scores available via a dashboard (perhaps benchmarked against others). We would like uses to be able to update their CPD record. We would like to integrate our existing forums here and add new forums without a different username. We would also like to integrate calendars - in short we have a whole host of new requirements!

3. Competition and enhancing our current offering.

Thanks Amanda,

That's really useful background information.

I'll look forward to your call.

All the best,


Hi Mark - I've left a message on your answer phone! speak soon.

Hi Amanda,

We are not a consultancy as such but we have developed modules for Drupal that embed a full SCORM/AICC compatible LMS into Drupal without losing what you have built so far.  Quite happy to demonstrate it to a consultant that you choose to help you. You can see it working yourself by registering at http://www.course-source.net which you will notice is built on Drupal 7.

If you are going to go down the route of an LMS/VLE have you considered what authoring tools you will use to create SCORM courses?  Obviously you can track what people look at in the setup you have now (via Google Analytics) but if you were able to run SCORM (or AICC or xAPI) courses then a whole world of content and tools opens up for you.



Hi Ken, thanks for your response.

I'm really interested to see how you have developed this. How can I/our teams get in touch?

We currently use Storyline to build our e-learning material.

Kind regards,




Hi Amanda

My name is Dr. Anthony 'Skip' Basiel, currently a freelance eLearning Consultant. As an Adobe International Education Leader (alumni) and UK/EC eLearning Project Manager for over a decade I can bring some innovative solutions to your question.

I would be happy to have a discussion with you about your situation. My background may help you to establish your learning design and learner's needs to define the best technology.

You are invited to visit my website at https://abasiel.wordpress.com/psn/

Please do contact me by email abasiel@gmail.com to set up a phone or web video conference.





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