I am interested in finding out how easy it is to include a competency framework in a learning management system. This would mean users could find relevant e-learning courses/resources linked to competencies, and the system could also be set up to identify development pathways of selected competencies for different roles and report on completion of courses by competencies.
Does anyone have experience of doing this with an LMS, or can you recommend which LMSs might be best for this?

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Hi John, we currently use EKP from NetDimensions which has competency management built in. The basic functionality is great though it's fair to say we are in the early stages of implementing and still working through some niggles like: what happens if someone already has a skill from a previous company?; how do we credit them if they gained the competency through an alternate route? (EKP seems to only allow us to have fixed training options not variances). We're finding we need to combine the standard training per competency with exams and on the job assessments from managers (no bad thing, just a change for us!) and also have had to break down our existing framework into smaller more specific competencies (again no bad thing). Happy to share some ideas as we progress with this.
We use Saba which has Competency management available including competency assessment by 360, manager, self, or completion of a designated learning item, competencies assigned based on job roles etc. Happy to share experiences
Hi John

We at North Herts District Council use an LMS system from e2tain called Kallidus http://www.e2train.com">http://www.e2train.com. This has a competancy management system which can be attached to a job role and or a course / resource. We do not have role specific competancies just 3 main areas, so we have just not added them to roles but groups ie Managers, Staff, All Staff. The competancies are also utilised through the online appraisal so courses etc can be requested based on competancy directly at appraisal if nessesary. There are lots of other facets to the system, which we have been discovering since installtion 2 years ago and with any off the shelf system you need to try and fit it to your current ways of working. But this is not always a bad thing. Any further questions just let me know.
Hi John,

We're in the process of implementing our competency framework in our LMS, and then aligning our catalogue of learning products to any development areas.

We're fortunate enough to have the Cornerstone system (http://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/) which means it's integrated.

Let me know if you'd like to know more.



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