Looking for help with converting Moodle Quizzes so we can upload them to Saba or converting MS Word to Scorm 1.2 quizzes

We just discovered that a department here have taken it upon themselves to create a Moodle for the administration of their learning events (mostly the management of quizzes). The issue is that we already have an LMS - Saba, and our organization is attempting to consolidate systems, not have new ones springing up left, right and centre. 

Saba has been up and running for years, and the quizzes we use are typically created using Articulate Studio or Storyline, or Adobe Captivate. The reason this Moodle was set up was to avoid the purchase of one of these authoring tools, and they have used a python script to create Moodle quizzes from MS Word documents. As an aside, this is a redundant argument, the software would have been purchased if we had been asked. 

We are now left with an issue - we need to find a way of getting the 10,000 questions (10 banks of 1000 questions) into Saba. From my experience of the authoring tools so far, I know that there is no way to automate quiz creation in Articulate, and I believe the same is true of Captivate. 

Based on the fact that I am not a Moodle user and do not have admin access to their Moodle, and we mostly use Scorm 1.2 in Saba, I'm looking to understand:

  1. The possible formats of Moodle quizzes.
  2. Whether it is possible to export quizzes from Moodle
  3. If there is a tool that can be used to convert Word documents to Scorm 1.2 compliant quizzes. 

Thank you


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Hi Laura

Moodle and Scorm aren't compatible. Moodle quizzes can be backed up and downloaded but the file type - an MBZ file - is I think only useful for uploading to another Moodle.

I'm sorry this won't be the answer you were hoping for. Perhaps the first approach is to question whether (and if so which) the questions are necessary - and get their defenders to help with re-authoring them.


Hi Laura

A couple of extra overnight thoughts:

  • you should get admin rights to the Moodle (there is no reason why not)
  • then you can download the attempts from each quiz as a csv file which will show you very quickly if the quizzes are being used (if they aren't you will have amunition to question whether reauthoring is worthwhile)
  • Have a look to see if the subjects duplicate what you are already offering
  • Then look at what is left to see if they are valid tests and find out what depends on passing them
  • FInally see if they fit with Cathy Moore's ideas (see YouTube) on action focused e-learning.

Hope this helps a bit - I can't believe you actually need to convert 10,000 questions.



Hi Laura

Respondus (http://www.respondus.com/products/respondus/requirements.shtml) will do at least some of what you need.  It can convert Word (if correctly formatted) into other formats and integrates with Moodle for publishing/retrieval.

You might then be okay to use Respondus to convert out to either one of your other authoring tools or, if Saba accepts it, QTI formats.

Hope that helps


Thanks for your replies - I really appreciate the help! As it happens, their script generates XML, so I'm now looking into getting that into Saba. According to Saba support, I can import using Saba Publisher (which I don't have, of course!), so I will see. 

Barbara - I have tried to reason but they are not listening. I totally agree with all of your points, but it turns out they have spent 2 years on this without telling a soul in L&D, and so already have the question pools done. Believe me, I have no intention of converting 10,000 questions!



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