Hi all,

This is for those of you who are going to the Learning Technologies conference next January.

I'm wondering whether it would be a good opportunity for those of us using Moodle in corporate learning to meet up?

On both days we have a long lunch break, so how about using one of those. We could gather at one end of the main meeting area at Olympia 2. Probably for about 45 minutes. Anyone that wants to could talk about how they've used Moodle in their setting.

Some ideas that could be discussed:

- Using Moodle to support fully online courses with learner-learner or learner-tutor interaction.
- Using Moodle with SCORM content
- Useful additional modules and blocks
- Integrating with HR databases and reporting systems
- Hosting (especially for large scale deployments)
- etc

I see this as working as a whole bunch of independent conversations about Moodle, with people able to move in and out of the conversations as they wish.

What do you think?



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And here are the discussion starter questions... Come ready with something to say!

  • Where does Moodle's social-constructivist background fit into corporate learning?
  • How do you get round Moodle's really clunky SCORM user-interface?
  • What additional modules would you recommend to other people?
  • What server architecture do you use to run your Moodle site?
  • How do you get user information into your Moodle site? Self-registration? Integration with other systems? Manually?
Sounds good, I hope to be there.

I am just in the process of rolling out Moodle in my company, so would love to hear what people have to say on the good, bad or ugly parts of the process.

See you there

Hi Mark
Shame I missed the mini Moodle-Moot. How did it go?
A few thoughts to share from our experiences so far of implementing Moodle....

We have moved from the test server and everything seems to be going well - we've had no major problems apart from some remote access for people working from home. Easily fixed the VPN recognising and allowing the network access to the new web address.
Our pilot audience is fairly small to start with and we're hoping to grow organically. Feedback is certainly very favourable to the site. We've worked with a third party provider who helped us create a theme and branded site which looks very clean and simple.
So far its mainly used as a repository for learning materiels, both online and managing face to face. Learners like the idea of content being on one place, which is easy to update and has isn't just in a classroom environment. Flexibility in choosing time to learn has also been mentioned. We have been using Articulate to develop some elearning modules and will be plugging those in shortly.
In fact the next stages of development are to integrate with HR systems fully so that content and courses wil lbe relevant to user profile, and to develop the SCORM reporting/tracking for such elearning modules. So far the single sign on is working very well and is appreciated for ease of use.
A big learning point is the relationship with IT and other key stakehokders. Far from being nervous about Open Source its a learning opportunity for that team and a chance to be innovative. There hasn't been any security issues - we host ourselves and have set up a separate web address for it. I'd say the IT and L&D teams are working better together than before and its opened up new conversations.

I could go on but I'll wait for future forums etc.
If anyone wants to share more experiences I'd be happy to.
Regards all
Hi Ray,

The work you have been undertaking is EXACTLY the sort of process/outcomes (buy-in permitting) that I am hoping to implement via Moodle in my organisation. I am very keen to discover how you are using it to manage f2f training as that is likely to be its single biggest initial use for us and then with the passing of time using it to host SCORM e-learning modules that we have built in Atlantic Link.

As a matter of interest have you/your colleagues considered the Learning to Teach Online (LeTTOL) course or Getting to Grips with Moodle course that Sheffield College runs? I have added a discussion thread to L&SG with links to the colleges web pages. I have done the LeTTOL which was all conducted online and within a Moodle, great experiential learning!!!

I woudd very much like to communicate with you further on this subject and have sent you a friend request, so that we can exchange contact details in the hope that we can network further.


Hi Craig

I completed the Getting to Grips with Moodle course myself earlier this year and was very impressed. I would agree with you it was a great experiential learning experience.

I too am looking to include a Moodle solution for our internal training solutions.


If anyone from this group is going to the LSG conference on Tuesday, Jo Higginson is pulling together an informal chat about Moodle. See her forum post for more details.




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