We're looking into buying/creating a short (30 min) online questionnaire for managers so that they can evaluate their development needs. Ideally this would be by putting users in a few typical management situations and based on their multiple choice selection of how to react, a final - easy to understand - report would be created. Again ideally matched against our development topics. We're looking for vendors with subject expertise and a question pool off the shelf that can be customized to our needs.

Any knowledge on such vendors out there?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Andrea,

I used to develop things like this for Ashridge (Business School).   Being a traditional business/management school, they had all the resources online, from soft skills up to MBA/strategic resources.  The self evaluations could generate reports which would then lead the manager to the development resources (text, journal, e-learning, assessment, etc.).   Most of the questions were fairly obviously geared to each management topic - they didn't evaluate understanding, but questioned confidence and awareness in each topic. These questionnaires were also adapted to fit competence frameworks to tailor them for individual clients / different levels of management.   The value to the business school is in the corporate subscription to the resources, so this route could be considered as a complete solution...  and there are several good business/management schools to approach...  You might find this costs no more than having an agency develop the stand-alone questionnaire !

very helpful, thanks!

Andrea, if you've got the time and are interested in learning how to do this yourself read a book called "no more consultants" which provides an excellent prototype, is relatively simple and can involve your management team at the same time. 



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