March 31st 2011: How to use your voice brilliantly in online sessions, Amanda Randall-Gavin

We have all sat through too many virtual presentations and online learning events, struggling to remain focussed on the topic and willing the experience to be over. All too often the content is fine, but the trainer - or more specifically the voice of the trainer - lacks energy and expression and conveys this to the online audience. Mandy Randall-Gavin believes that the voice is a vital tool in helping keep any audience engaged, even more so in virtual sessions. We can’t change the voices we are born with, but we can work on them to sound their best and without too much effort. In this session Mandy talks about the importance of your voice in online sessions and equips you with practical and fast ways to sound better than ever. She will cover:


  • Why some voices inspire - and others don't
  • How your emotions affect your voice
  • Using enunciation, articulation and stressing to develop interest
  • Effective, quick exercises to develop your voice
  • Maintaining a healthy voice

Click for a recording of the webinar. 

For the raw text chat and a PDF of the slides see below.

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I find this very useful to remind myself about my own voice - I have listened to the video recordings taken on holiday and I have to say, I prefer my husband's voice to my own!

Will try and improve so my listeners see a picture of what i AMSAYING.

Barbara Hi

Pleased you found the recording useful and thanks for posting a comment.  I have written a blog about it (my first!) which you may find interesting.  Please visit to read it.  I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts. I smiled at the perfect enunciation at the end of your comment!





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