As part of the 'Ensuring learning adoption' session that I am sharing with Laura at the LSG conference - I will be sharing my experiences in attempting to implement online learning into a business that has been wholly used to delivering classroom based / face to face learning.

In my situation it has been very much a case of changing 'hearts and minds' in an attempt to get that all important 'buy-in' and 'engagement'. Despite the adage 'content is king' it could be said that in my case 'marketing' was king - and key to gaining that initial business adoption.

In the session I will be looking for those attending to share experiences and some of the clever methods used to get that all important 'buy-in'. Ultimately I think it will be good to see if we can begin to build a 'toolkit' from which we could cherry pick to suit the particular learning situation - we often hear of the 'content creation toolkit', why not have a 'marketing toolkit'?

This an area which has already engendered some interesting discussion on the LSG forums and with this in mind I would like to pose the following:

Content is king but in some cases marketing is king - can this ever be the case?
What do you feel about marketing your wares - a necessary evil, an important part of your strategy or a pointless waste of time?

If there is anything that you would like to see discussed / covered on the 9th - please let me know.



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Hi All,

Firstly thanks to all who took part in the 'Ensuring Learning Adoption' small cafe session on Tuesday. For my part I have come away with lots of ideas with regard to marketing & promoting our offering to our 'stakeholders' to get that all important 'buy-in'.

There was some excellent feedback from those who took part with regard to the question - "What methods have you used (or are considering using) to market your eLearning" - my objective being to begin to build a marketing list or 'toolkit' from which we can pick when faced with a particular business / learning requirement. As a result of the feedback I have quickly put together an initial document (enclosed in word format) - which we can use as a starting point.

In my eyes the next stage will be to 'pad out' the document - which has two columns left blank - one covering context/example in which I would like to see those of you who have used any of the media, methods & techniques in question - telling us how you used them in real life, and how successful you were. For example if you ran a poster campaign - what did you do, how many, how often, where did you put them, what was the content etc.

The final column entitled 'tools' is simply aimed at ascertaining which tools you use to help market your message - so for example if you used 'podcasting' which tool did you use to create the podcast.

Hope the above makes some sense!!

Look forward to further interaction.





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