Hi All
I am in the process of introducing elearning into my company. The first course will be live in April. I was wondering whether anyone has any experience of an 'internal marketing campaign' prior to the launch of the first course to 'warm up' the audience? - what format, timing, to whom etc

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Hi Kevin,

Hope all ok. I am in a similar situation to yourself and have tried to take on board what I have read and heard (at previous LT conferences). Some of the options I have considered include:

Get commitment from key players (find those who can spread the word for you - stakeholders/managers etc - keep them involved)
Sell the benefits of what you are providing (not just the features)
Get speaking slots at key internal meetings / conferences
Create a brand for your project - logo / strapline etc
Create a newsletter
Create a Podcast (use key stakeholders - get them involved)
Create a 'fun' lesson for people to try
Generate feedback through a 'forum' perhaps
Show that you are an expert - the person that people will come to solve their problem via online learning
Ask your marketing department (if you have one) - they should be able advise on designing and running a campaign.

I am sure that the more experienced guys out there will have some more suggestions but hope these help as 'starter for ten'
Great tips Ian - on the face of it this looks like an unimportant step but the more I think it through the more I think it has a vital role in quelling the skeptics and gaining a positive reaction when it all kicks off
thanks a lot
Kevin's added some great ideas.

I'd recommend piloting the course with some people or teams ahead of the rollout. You can use these people as ambassadors or champions and you will have a better idea on how long it will take different people to go through. There is nothing worse than being told it will take 20 minutes to complete when in reality it takes an hour. Also you may be able to make some changes to the learning based on feedback before it hits the masses.

If eLearning is new its likely there will be some people that will struggle with it. To ensure its success providing support and keeping communication up during the rollout is really important.

We use posters on the back of toilet cubicle doors - it really works well as you have a captive audience!

Don't forget to get IT support teams on board and ready to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

Good luck!

Thanks james sound advice - love the toilet door approach!
We have just finished rolling out IP Telephony. What we found was that people have to see things several times and in several different ways before they really take it in. What was most effective ended up being simple posters in staff areas--lifts etc.
Also sell people the benefits to them first, look at it from their perspective and use their quotes where possible.

What is your e-learning covering?
People are not susceptible to change and change management can be like a ‘Bull in a china shop’ at times, especially during times of uncertainty. Because change is inevitable; ensure effective leadership, coaching, resolver groups and mentoring is available. Make certain you e-Learning product has been thoroughly tested prior to implementation, especially, if this is the 1st programme to be hosted within your organisation. Using your audience as proving grounds can have dramatic negative effects, especially, if the product is riddled errors (grammatical, technical, poor quality issues). Persuading an audience to revisit a programme a second time – can be daunting if the 1st attempt was unsuccessful. If a course is currently being presented via traditional methods, introduce a taster course (s) within the existing curriculum and survey your audience. Byte size chunks (20 minute modules) are normally digestible by the end user. If modules are more extensive, 45 ~ 60 minutes, offer the end-user a book marking functionality within the courseware. This will remove any bitter taste; allowing the end-user to pickup from the last session without trolling through multiple pages. Mobile learning solutions require a more didactic approach. Byte size chunks are further reduced to 3 ~ 5 minutes and text is replaced with clear audio narration or video. Other key factors to consider: Accessibility and Compliance Standards (IEEE, SCORM, LETSI)



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