Hi All,


I'm leading some work on how we measure the impact and value of our learning on the individual, business and our customers and really want to get some external perspectives and see who's doing this really well or in fact at all!!  I know we're not great at it.

I'd like to host a session at our offices here in Nottingham so please get in touch if you'd be willing to get involved and I'll get in touch.

The session will likely be over the next couple of months.



Kerry Knight, Boots



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Hello Kerry,

Good initiative. I think from my experiences that most L&D professionals take to much responsability on this topic and keep it for their own. I believe in partnership of stakeholders when it comes to a lot of aspects of effective L&D initiatives, so also on measuring impact. Partnership with clear expactations and roles for every stakeholder that matches with their overall role in the company. So I suggest that L&D is leading in the process of measuring impact and leading in the methodology or way of working and that learners and managers are leading in delivering content/info about impact. In our talent and management development programs we often use 'mid term reviews' and 'closing reviews' where learners are supported to 'harvest' from their experience during formal and informal learning and applying it in day to day work. They present in an explicit way what the value of learning was for them personal and for the company. They present it to other stakeholders (managers, customers) to start a brief discussion and some reflection on results and value (return on expectation). Most of the organisations I work for are very satisfied with this approach. Hope this will be helpful for you, if you have any questions or remarks pls contact me via gd@challenge-training.nl



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