Hi All,


I have been asked to commission some media training and would be grateful for any recommnedations.


I realise Media is a broad subject so to be more precise, this is for live TV broadcasts as well as written media responses.


Any recommendations will be appreciated


Kind Regards

Kerry Brewer

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Hi Kerry,

Take a look at the BBC academy:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/academy 

It has a nice mix of subjects in the media field.


Hi Kerry

Try Jackie Ventom at Media Skills Qualification (MSQ) on 020 8543 9858. They're LPI accredited.  See www.msq.org.uk.



Hi Kerry,

I have worked with Debora Hall before and she's an excellent trainer (http://www.deborahhall.co.uk/). She used to work at the BBC and she has a great attitude too.

Good luck!


We have used Communicate Media who tailored courses for us and covered television interviews and speaking to the media. Feedback from the workshops was excellent.  Delegates are currently awaiting opportunities to put their learning into practice. www.communicatemedia.com

Elaine Mulheron

Thanks for all your responses, really helpful.

If you're looking some a less formal course and need someone to come in and train people with a hands on approach...can thoroughly recommend contacting Mark Davies at See Learning. Guy knows his stuff and is great at it.

Thanks Levi, really appreciate you getting back to me.

The commissioning of this training has been delayed, but I'll be exploring all the recommendations I've received when this is revisited.


Thanks again



I'll second Levi's recommendation, Mark is great!

Hi Kerry

The IAB have lots of free resources, also Thinkbox, and I've heard great things about the Guardian Masterclasses.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

Kind regards



Who is the IAB - do you have a link or a description of the organisation.

I am in Australia and keen on this topic as well.





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