Hi all.

I am looking to purchase off-the-shelf Microsoft e-Learning SCORM modules for use by approximately 2000 users. Specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

I am aware of many companies offering hosted solutions and the numerous tutorials online (including at Microsoft.com) but we are looking to purchase SCORM packages for use on our own bespoke LMS.

Do you have any experience in this area or recommendations for a supplier?


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Hi Loretta,

Have you had any luck with this?

I'm trying to do my own research into this so would love to know how your getting on.




I've been actively searching for a solution to approximately 19 000 employees' also to host locally on our learning portal - if i recall correctly, Skill Soft has a solution where you will be able to host the content on your LMS.

Does your organisation have a Microsoft volume licence? If you do, you may have access to some of the content from the Microsoft eLearning library.


These are available through Microsoft's virtual learning platform but I was also able to download the SCORM packages for courses linked to applications we have a volume licence for. As this is covered by the volume licence, there is no additional cost.



HI we use SkillSoft and are just looking at hosting this internally on the LMS rather than via a portal. They do have an automated process for this, you just need to check that it runs on your LMS (including generating any relevant MI and reports). Lots of large organisations already do this so it is a proven system

Hope this helps


Hi,  Like Daniel has suggested, we use the MicroSoft volume licence and again have got this loaded as SCORM content to the LMS.  The only issue we had is that it requires Silverlight software which was not part of our standard build until we rolled out Windows 7!



Hi Helen

How did you get it loaded as SCORM content to your LMS? We have a volume licence that allows employees to view elearning by logging on to MS learning website, but i can't see how to get the content as SCORM packages to upload to our LMS.




Hi Loretta,

Here at the NMC we use Learning Nexus SCORM packages. Full info on their IT offer here:


Hope this helps.


The above link has now expired but you can see details of Learning Nexus' available courses here now: www.learningnexus.co.uk/course-catalogue 

Thank you everybody, this looks like a good place to start. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Hi Loretta,

A bit late, but my company does exactly that.  If you're still looking feel free to visit our site at www.bigger-brains.com to see our courses. There's a free SCORM course on Windows 8 you can download to try out as well. 




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