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Has anyone come across any (reasonably priced!) eLearning for Microsoft Office that would be suitable for both eLearning (linear learning of a package step by step) as well as Performance Support (how do I do this task?). For example, it may have a search facility or sufficiently broken down sections with clear, easy to understand terminology.

Tracey Hughes

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Hi Tracey,

I would suggest that there are enough free MS Office tutorials online (eg. to remove the need to buy anything.

For performance support you've either got Google (other search engines are available), or something like Trainer1's Rapid Application Support ( which works a bit like the Microsoft paperclip, but the training department can control the content that pops up.


Thanks Mark, I'll check those out!
Thanks everyone; there's some really good stuff here so I'll be sure to look through it all! Tracey
Hi Tracey - depending on what your requirements are, you can access MS Office online training free from the MS site -
If you need Office 2007 you can also download presentations that you can edit for your own needs.
We have been using the Office 2003 online training in our organisation for around 18 months now, and it has been received well.
Ive not checked it out myself but these guys were offering free MS 7 Not sure if they still are.


There is also,

I'm with Mark et al. Don't spend a penny! I would explore what's there and perhaps just create a front end for it, with links to the various free resources. Just so that you have a central starting place for staff members to go to. The research and mapping will take a bit of time, but you could knock together the front end thingy in a day, and there is a wide range of tools you could use to do it, too, including... if you have absolutely nothing else... PowerPoint. Give me a yell if you'd like some tips on how to put this into practice.
Antoher place to try is CB Learning ( I know a couple of people who work with them and have had some pretty good feedback.
Hi Tracey

I'm in the same mind as everyone else - No need to pay for something when is loads out there free of charge. Have you tried the following free e-learning resources for Microsoft Office:

Microsoft training:
Free Ed:
Ask your IT people if you have a Microsoft EA (software licence) agreement, if you do, you will have access to free Microsoft IT PRo and Office - elearning titles for all your users



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