I've had a play with the imindmap system - very easy to use (and I've also recorded some thoughts on Tony Buzan's presentation on audioboo) - see http://strategic-hcm.blogspot.com/2009/06/tony-buzan-mind-mapping-at-learning.html .

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Thank you Jon for presenting what I agree was one of the highlights of my conference day. I have returned from another day out this time at Cisco and, because of the LSG, I found that there was a gap in my expectations and the messages they were conveying. It seems that they have not yet embraced the latest 'intelligent' age but are still functioning on the information age and finding ways of honing on social networking into money making educational propositions without giving the sense that we need to take a few steps back to leap forward. Tony made some strong arguments that industry needs to listen to the digital native not only as a consumer but as an innovator. catherine



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