PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) have been replaced with IPhone's and Blackberry's - should organisations invest? Is there a requirement is today's market for 'Mobile Learning' or is the technology too unstable not to invest. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Hi Dennisa
I have my doubts about educational use of smartphone technology because of the various contract costs. If students altready have these devices then maybe we have a case for communication with them.

I am currently looking at eNotebooks as a means of creating mobile workstations. These have screen sizes of around 10" which are readable. With a cost of around £200-£300 they do offer a feasible alternative. If the institute has a wireless network then it is simple to access data etc in any part of the building. Similarly access on the move is also feasible with most areas now providing wireless access to the Internet.
Hi George,

Thank you for your feedback.
I have to agree with you about the cost and limited viewing space available via smart phones. I was responsible for developing a hefty curriculum for PDA end-users last year and the technology quickly became obsolete. The customer assumed that the curriculum developed for a specific PDA would xfer across to smart phone technology. This hasn't been the case.

Recently - There has been a significant amount of interest advocated by several large organisations to develop e-Learning for smart phones. The only problem is that the technology is for ever changing and nailing down a specific design/arithecture/model phone (s) has proven to be a challenge. Soliciting input from others within the industry regarding this topic is highly appreciated; understanding the pro/cons and feasibility.





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