I need to convert some existing elearning courses to mobile learning, and want to know what are the tools that will help me do this. The courses need to run on tablets like the ipad, iphones and android phones. 

Can anyone recommend any mobile learning authoring tools and advise on the advantages/disadvantages please?

Additionally, I would like to know if there are tools that help you create content for the desktop as well as mobile devices. 

Looking forward to your responses. 





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I've just finished a project to develop a learning resource run on iPads using the Adobe Digital Publishing tools in InDesign. This isn't really driectly intended for elearning, but I found it to be very flexible and ideally suited to creating learning materials. I'd definitely recommend you look at this as a serious option. We were very, very happy with the results.

Thanks, Keith. Will look at this option.

Hi Kavita,

Have a look at Epics GoMo http://www.gomolearning.com/site/  really simple to use




This looks interesting! Have written to them for a demo. Thanks, Denise.

You could go for any tool that will create old fashioned html and javascript.

However, if you are looking for a tool you may be familiar with, it does look as though Captivate 5.5 has quite a nice converter that produces reasonably readable javascript (not that you need to read it, but it's nice to see).


A demo is here, http://als.adobe.com/html5/HTML5_Quiz_Resize_800x600_Apple%20iPad/H....  It only does 3 question types, but it looks like content devloped in Flash.


Thanks, Charlie. Will explore this option.

Hi Kavita,

I've just had a demo from Epic on GoMo and it looks very easy to use. A friend in the industry also recommend it to me. I've been given access to a demo site to have a play - not had a chance yet as demo was yesterday, but on my list for today! If you haven't already contacted them then the best person would be Jo Jackson - can pass on her email if you need?

Also on a different network someone mentioned Test Track - www.ttlms.com I'm looking at this too, but not done a demo so dont' have any feedback. Be keen to hear your thoughts on what you find, as you've probably gathered I'm doing the same thing!


Hi Cat,

Thanks for the info. Can you give me Jo Jockson's e-mail ID please? I am keen to explore Epic GoMo. My official e-mail ID is kavitam@thoughtworks.com. I am planning to spend some time going through demos and checking out some trial versions of mLearning tools. I will contact you once I am done with this, so that we can exchange notes:) Do share your e-mail ID with me.



Hi Kat 

we've just started working with a company called cm group whose authoring tool Luminosity Studio is very flexible and creates HTML output.   I met them at this year's Learning Tech Conference.

I will be presenting this year at Learning Live on this very subject and am hosting the Tools and Tech stage at mLearnCon in San Jose next month.  There are many tools on the market all purporting to output to either html5 or to one mobile device or other.  These all seem to be based on the concept that the user will want to do eLearning on their mobile device in the same way they do on their desktop.

Three years of research of mobile and almost 5 years of writing mobile applications in one way and another has told me this is probably not the case.The end user is looking for different information transfer from the mobile device rather than a continuation of eLearnng.  

The tablet seems to be changing this somewhat as users have a tablet available as a web tool and they are using eLearning but we must not confuse the tablet with the smartphone or a desktop.

In response to your question there are some considerations you must have when moving learning to the tablet.  There is no mouse, and therefore no rollover, the click is different with the finger, there is little drag and drop and it is sometimes difficult for many to click on small areas of the screen....

As for tools.  I have seen and looked at GoMO, I am a little disappointed that is it pretty basic and does not provide all the 'life' one would expect. Maybe future releases will improve this? I have been a beta tester with the just released StoryLine from the articulate house with a 'player' for the iPad. Articulate itself will have the same output as Storyline when they release version 12 shortly. I have played with the output from Lectora and am not too impressed, I have also coded directly in Xcode and it takes forever. Plus you need to become a geek and eat pop tarts in the middle of the night to stay awake if you have any other life to live.

If you are looking to create native apps, then start to look down the route of using Dreamweaver to create the html and then publishing it through PhoneGap, which is an open source compiler. It has just been taken over by Apache and will be known as Cordova.

Be clear on what you are trying to create and don't jump in head first because a tool looks cool, really get to understand what the end user will use in your environment. We made all those mistakes over and over again in the last 15 years with eLearning.

I am not yet convinced 'Mobile' is DIY yet like eLearning is, early adopters are still outsourcing the manufacture of apps or web apps. I think we will see the gradual move to DIY tools ver the next 5 years.  It's a bit of buyer beware at the moment.

Hope that helps



Thanks, Neil. That really helps. 



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