Dear All,


We are shortly to advertise a vacancy for somone to join our team with the main purpose of managing our MOODLE system. This is partly a techie role, but also an education role. Ultimately we want someone who understands MOODLE enough to troubleshoot and resolve issues but has an educational perspective on how technology can be used to benefit learners and enhance their experience. However, being part of the NHS means our resources are not extensive.


Does anyone have any suggestions for how we could assess/questions we could ask as part of the recruitment process?





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Hi Emma


I've been doing this role for the last few years, happy to share what I know if you would like to contact me.



Thanks Barbara, I'd be keen to discuss it with you. My email address is



I am also certainly interested in finding out what you think in this regard. Is it something you could share publicly rather than taking it off-line?


Hi Chris


Sorry I didn't mean to shut the discussion down. I'm attaching a note which has the gist of the advice I gave to Emma.






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