Hi all,


Thanks to those who replied to my last thread on 'brick wall head banging'.  I'm pleased to say that with some investigation and understanding on both parts we are now working towards a solution.


I'd really like some help in getting together some ideas for motivating and invigorating our call centre employees.


My scope is a half day that is fun.  I'd like to incorporate some theory behind motivation, but only around 30 mins worth of theory - so really basic stuff.


Any suggestions??


Thanks again,



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Hi, Dan
It's not a game as such, but I was reading Jay Cross' book on informal learning over the week-end and he mentioned the World Cafe activity which is super cool to get people thinking about common goals and collaborate. Great buzz reported afterwards, which is what you're aiming for, too.
If you already know this, skip the rest - I'll just stick in what I understood of it in case anyone else would like to give it a try...

In Jay's example, you have Cafe signs around the room and the atmosphere is chilled. You use a big sheet of paper as a tablecloth on each one of 3 tables (more/fewer depending on the size of the group), with a different question/issue that affects everyone on each tablecloth (I'm guessing here, but here it is anyway: maybe you want them to 1. think about what made the products obsolete; 2. talk about features which they love in stuff they've had for a long time; 3. think of the design and features of new products/services that would make them successful).

You give 10min to groups to brainstorm. You then keep one person at each table who will be a reporter and move everyone else to the next tables. The reporter will brief the newcomers on progress so far and then the newcomers will add to the others' work. Another 10 min, then keep the same reporter and move people on so they have worked on all the issues.

They will have had fun, a good chat, and maybe got to see each other differently (in a good way ;))

Failing that, there's always a puzzle to be done or a quiz, but it's a bit of an individual pursuit and doesn't really add the organisation directly...

Hope this helps,
Thanks for this Dragos,

This would work really well in the culture we have and definately something I was looking for.

Hi Dan,

This website has some good suggestions for corporate games, i.e. motivation, team building etc...

And another one....http://www.mindtools.com/index.html

Hope it helps.
Kind regards,



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