Friends in L&D. A question. What are. for you, the "must reads" in Performance Management? Blogs/Articles/Websites/Books. All links and comments welcome.

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Hi Paul, i liked a book-Capability at Work by Paul Matthews.

Thank you Alok

"Improving Employee Performance" by Nigel Harrison.  I've used this method for several years with positive results and it still goes down well.  I see it as a good foundation that's a bit like chess - deceptively simple to grasp, a lifetime to master!

I find Mind Gym's approach and resources extremely helpful, with a fresh perspective on performance management: (there is a white paper dated 2015 and webinar recordings)

Other resources I've found useful when looking at our performance management practices: 

As you'll notice these are all alternative approaches to performance management (rather than the more traditional annual reviews..) Depending on the need of your organisation and the maturity level of where your management practices are, you might need to diversify your reading ;-)

hope this helps


Thanks for asking this as it is exactly what I'm looking for too!



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