Hi All,

I am new to the role of corporate trainer/training coordinator and am looking for some advice on where to start. There is so much information out there, and I'm feeling a bit buried having no real experience in this field.

I have been tasked with the daunting job of building my company's training program (which is in the pharma industry, no less) from the ground up. Does anyone have any insight into which trainer training programs out there are worth the time and money? I want to build a solid foundation for myself first, but there are so many options available, and I want to make sure I'm using my company's resources wisely.

Also, if anyone is aware of any pharma-specific resources, I'd be hugely grateful for any leads. Thanks so much for your input.

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Hello Rachelle,
There are plenty of useful advice here.
From my personal experience (I am Client Solutions Manager at JoomlaLMS company) I can give you some key points to keep in mind while developing training courses:
The fact that we live at the age of information overload leads to selective information absorption and makes lots of documentation compilation a time-waste. That is why I recommend you to abandon providing documentation in favor of engaging training techniques.
Creating the course you should remember the following:
• Start from the basics;
• Make it logical;
• Make it short
• Make it diverse (include different content types);
• Add discussions (No matter how extensive and detailed your course is there is always something you can miss that is why discussions boards will give users an opportunity to clarify their questions.)
Compiling Training it is wise to take into consideration different learning styles and ways people prefer to learn.
Once the training is finished and the employees are about to bring received knowledge into practice training effectiveness needs to be measured. By means of surveys and questioners you can evaluate employees’ learning, reaction, behavior and results – so called Four-Level training Evaluation Model.

And of course you need right LMS system to developer these courses (wide functionality, mobile adaptivity, great user experience and design).

There are many useful posts in our blog if you are interested.

Good luck anyway!

And happy coming holidays, everyone!



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