Hi everyone

I'm trying to edit audio content for a suite of elearning lessons in a very noisy office. We're right next to a main road (the A63) and have to have the windows open (no air con).


I'm finding it really difficult to tell if I've successfully removed the background hiss from my voice recordings because of the traffic noise, so I was thinking of ordering some noise cancelling headphones.


Do any forum members use these as part of their work and how good are they at blocking out traffic noise?

Are there any really good brands or ones to avoid?


Any help would be appreciated.




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We use Senheisser HD25-1 headphones. Very pricey but they're the same headphones sound recordists use on location. They don't totally cancel all the noise but they're good. 

Thanks for your reply David


I've had a look at them on a certain large retailer's site and they seem like what I need. I've got a request in with the boss. Wish me luck!

Hi Lynn

I currently use Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones. These are superb and you can really tell the difference even when there is nothing playing through the headset.

Other than extremely high price, the only other issue i have with them is the noise reduction runs off a AAA battery and an ON/OFF switch. Forget to turn off headset and the batteries run low very quickly.


Thanks for this Scott.

I've had a look at them and they've got some very positive reviews. Not sure there'll be the budget available for them but I'll pass your comments on and see what happens.

To Lynn

I recommend this website for reviews on noise cancellation headphones.



Thanks, I'll check it out

Hi Lynn,

Can I ask where you are doing the audio recordings? IMHO the bigger issue is the location of the recordings as speaking from experience it has a big impact on how much time and effort you have to spend on cleaning the audio. Also can I ask what software are you using for cleaning the audio? 

I agree with you about the recording location. It took a lot of failed sessions to find a decent place to record where you don't have to strip your own voice off to remove the hiss!

I've got a training room that I can borrow for the recording, where all I have to contend with is server/air con noise. I've also got a little pop-up Porta Booth, so I don't end up with too much noise to deal with. We use Soundbooth for cleaning the audio, and I can normally get rid of the noise without ending up tinny or roboty as a result.

From my experience of cleaning audio in quieter rooms, I can judge the quality reasonably well just by looking at the waveform and how flat it is between sentences. So I can tell if the audio is almost ready, it's just the background noise in the room preventing me from being sure that there is no remaining hiss.



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