Hi all,

I hope that everyone's looking forward to Learning Technologies at the end of this month!

Some colleagues and I are hoping to set up a networking group and run some smaller scale events for people based north of the Watford Gap, but we are currently struggling for a venue to kick things off.

We're looking for a central Leeds location and despite our best efforts, the search has been unfruitful.

So, I'm sending out a plea to anyone who may be Leeds-based and could help us find (or perhaps provide) a small space for us to have some evening meet ups.

Also, if you're interested in presenting at or attending an event once we're set up, please get in touch!  We hope to run our first one in late February/early March this year.

Best wishes and see you in London!


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Hi Laura

Have you tried Starbucks on Wellington Street? They have a secret small room for about 15 people and it's free to book (as long as you buy some drinks!).

If you're looking for a paid venue, I've been using the Horizon Centre recently and it's good and reasonably priced - http://www.nhsemployers.org/horizon-leeds

Happy to join in the fun and meet up and present about what I'm working on with learning technology at the moment.


Thanks Richard for your suggestion, I'm hoping we get more than 15 people so Starbucks is probably out, but good to know!

A couple of people have suggested Horizon to me via different routes so I'll definitely be looking into this one.

All the best,


Hi Laura - I've sent a Tweet to Yorkshire and the Humber eLearning Club members to see if anyone can help.


Thanks Brenda, I've never heard of the Yorkshire & Humber eLearning Club.  Sounds interesting, do you have any more details?


Hi Laura - the eLearning Club is facilitated by Health Education Yorkshire & the Humber and is for NHS organisations within the region to collaborate and share best practice.  It was established approximately seven years ago and offers both strategic and technical support to its members.

The Club is represented on a national level with members involved in Health Education England's Technology Enhanced Learning Programme and various other organisations.

I'm sure many of our members would be interested in networking with your proposed group so please keep us informed of any developments.




Hi Laura - many years ago I attended a few things at Central Library.  It looks like they still do meeting room hire (http://www.leeds.gov.uk/leisure/Pages/Central-library.aspx).  Hopefully not too expensive.

Perhaps also worth trying to reach out to the Universities? Leeds Business School might host if you allowed them to present on their postgraduate programmes of interest to the group (http://business.leeds.ac.uk/masters/masters-programmes/).  You could open it up to current students who are interested in a career in learning tech related careers.

Hope that helps 


Hi Laura

Not from Leeds so can't suggest venues there but would be interested in attending if a meet up happened.

And if it helps my organisation is based in the Sheffield, at the Workstation http://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/ opposite the train station. They have a range of spaces of different sizes and offer us discount rates as tenants.

We're based in Tyne and Wear and would definitely be interested in attending an event closer to home.

Hi Laura,

I can definitely second Richard's recommendation of the secret room at Starbucks.  It's actually really nice - I've had a couple of meetings/meetups there.  Really happy to attend anything you are thinking of and happy to speak too if it helps.



Hi Laura

I have been to regular meetings at New Technology Institute at Leeds Beckett University hello@ntileeds.co.uk. I do not know the cost but good venue.




Just a quick note to say that we plan to have our first event on Thursday 2nd April.  This will be an informal drinks networking evening at one of Leeds' many hostelries (venue TBC).  If you're free and would be interested in attending, please join our LinkedIn group and follow our updates - 

Northern Networking Group - Learning Technology Professionals


Great to see that you are organising a regional LT event. At the newly refreshed eLearning Network we are looking to encourage and support regional meet-ups that focus on digital learning. 

If you let me have details we can publish your event in our online events calendar and also promote it via our newsletters.

Please also do consider joining the eLN if you are not already a member. Associate membership is free and full membership is £29 but now gives you free access to our one day workshops.

John Curran

Chair eLN



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