Hi all,

I hope that everyone's looking forward to Learning Technologies at the end of this month!

Some colleagues and I are hoping to set up a networking group and run some smaller scale events for people based north of the Watford Gap, but we are currently struggling for a venue to kick things off.

We're looking for a central Leeds location and despite our best efforts, the search has been unfruitful.

So, I'm sending out a plea to anyone who may be Leeds-based and could help us find (or perhaps provide) a small space for us to have some evening meet ups.

Also, if you're interested in presenting at or attending an event once we're set up, please get in touch!  We hope to run our first one in late February/early March this year.

Best wishes and see you in London!


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Thanks John,

We're still determining the venue based on where the best beer may be, but will confirm details very soon.

By the way, thanks again to everyone who's been offering venue ideas.  Unfortunately we've been unable to secure funding for a paid meeting location for this first event, but this may change in future, so will keep your ideas to hand.

Two venues which are really good for this kind of event are 'The Brewery Tap' Just off the railway station and 'The Adelphi' I have been to tech events at both before and they both have a nice upstairs area, Adelphi is larger and more of private area.

I believe both should offer free (or could be talked down to free) depending on the night of the week and how busy they are, often a supply of patrons is enough

Adam, I don't know why I didn't think of the Brewery Tap, so thank you for suggesting it.  Nothing like a Midnight Belle and some good company to finish the week before the Easter weekend!

We'll be there from 6.30 pm next Thursday, so again, if you're free and in the Leeds area, please come and join us.

In the meantime, I'll be working on a way of making us fairly conspicuous (without resorting to  pink carnations) so people know who we are.


Hi Folks - sorry I can't be there tonight but really want to be involved.

It's all gone a bit pear shaped in Sheffield so I'm not going to get but I hope everyone has a great evening and hope to meet up soon.



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