Until September 2010 i was a busy professional working in the learning technologies sphere, mostly with Cental Government Departments - eg DCSF/DIUS/BIS/MOD plus Becta/LSC/SFA as well as with private sector such as Serco, Steria,Thales, Giunti. For 4 years I worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and before that for the Open University and Coventry University. However on 13thSeptember i suffered a severe heamorraghic stroke, probabkly caused by years of undiagnosed and untreated high blood pressure. Within minutes i became totally paralysed on my left side, doubly incontinent and had significant visual and cognitive impairment. I spent 14 weeks as an in patient in a specialised rehabilitation hospital and was permanently attached to my iphone which kept me connected to the "real" world. Over the past few months I have received so much support from my online friends and colleagues which has also helped with my recovery - the clinical neuropsychologist adfmitted that my cognitive and visual recovery may well have had something to do with my use of the iphone. I was discharged on 20 th December and though still quite disabled I want to have as much normality as I can.Learning Technologies came at the perfect toime and with help I was able to come for two hours on the Wednesday and hadt he most fantastic time - i saw several friends and colleagues many for the first time since september and just being in the "buzz" of the exhibition was fantastic - for the fiirst time I felt a sense of normality. I really appreciated the opportiunity to be there

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