Nov 10th: Continuous design innovation - 10 ways to improve the learner experience, James Cory-Wright, Brightwave

New technologies open up different possibilities and challenge existing paradigms. Of course, it's essential that we leverage their capabilities to create ever better learning and performance support environments. However, innovation is not always about major technological advancements that disrupt the status quo. Beware the very shiny. The buzz can neglect the real learner and business challenge. If you want to get results it's the application that counts. As an antidote to fad-land, James Cory-Wright, Head of Learning Design at Brightwave, contends how it's often the butterfly moments, the little design innovations that make the biggest difference. In this webinar James will demonstrate:

  • 10 design innovations that have built unstoppable momentum including;
  • The rise of the portal and the impact on personalised learning
  • When video goes viral
  • Resources not courses - performance support made easy
  • How a campaign approach can beat the forgetting curve


Click for a recording of the webinar.


See below for a PDF of the presentation and the raw text chat.

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Hi, There isn't a pdf of the presentation as indicated. I only came in at the last part of the webinar and wanted to see what I'd missed. Thanks.

The slides are available to view and download here:


Off the back of the webinar James has also written a blog post, picking up on a couple of dominant themes in the chat and the tweets, which can be read here:





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